to the Self-Evaluation and Stress Test Tool
for Work-Based Learning Quality

Are you a work-based learning mentor of any kind,
an HR or personal manager or even a company owner
who oversees the work-based learning processes at your company?
Great, you are in the right place!

The WBL-Q Self-Evaluation and Stress Test Tool  is addressed to persons who are responsible for company internal work-based learning processes. You can register and use all functions completely free of charge.

This online instrument offers you an insight in the quality of your current work-based learning system based on the answers you provide. You can download a detailed report including recommendations for improvement and compare your score to the benchmark of companies of similar size and WBL tradition. And of course, you can re-do the assessment to make these improvements visible by comparing new scores to your starting point. Please note that there is a specific focus on initial work-based learning which happens during the vocational education and training.

Your data will only be visible to yourself and not for any third parties. All benchmarking is completely anonymous and it is not possible to link a benchmark score to a single user or company. The data provided in the registration form supports this process behind the scenes and name, email address and password only ensure that you can save and access your scores any time.

It is recommended to use an account as a single user, but you can share the log-in data with fellow responsible persons if you wish to. Have a look at our recommendations for account sharing in the FAQ section.

Find out more about the applied methodology here.